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Professional Rock And Pier Hole Drilling Burwood

Rock Drilling


Rock drilling is no easy task, we have the equipment and experience that will get the job completed and done right from the start, through careful planning and assessing the material at hand. Before you step into any project please contact us and talk to our experienced team for the best advice and options.


Pier Hole Drilling

Pier hole drilling or bored piles, are used for foundation in residential and commercial structures and projects. Every project will be drawn up to specifications that are designed to hold the structural load, we have that experience and knowledge to understand all requirements that are engineered, so you can be sure that our work is done correctly and to the highest standards.


Retaining Wall Holes

Most new homes and projects will require retaining walls that need to support ground elevations from site cuts, these walls must be installed to the highest standards, we have the experience to know that our drilling is perfect in every way making sure that the retaining walls stay standing for years to come.


Stump Holes

We make stump holes look easy, with our fast, efficient equipment that makes the job easy and cost effective, give us a call and we can provide prompt, fast service and get your project completed


Root Barriers

Plan ahead when landscaping with tree root barriers, we can bore to your specifications in width and depth allowing for installation of root barriers, protecting any concrete drives, paths, pools and walls for years to come against damage.


Commercial Hole Drilling

Large scale hole drilling for foundation is very common in commercial structures and building. We have the team and equipment to meet any requirements that need to be completed efficiently and in short time frames for facilities.


Foundation Pier Drilling

This is commonly used in residential homes and structures, its quick efficient and we can get the project completed so the next stage can start promptly without delay.


Basement Pier Drilling

Basements and under structures need to be done with experience and knowledge of the existing conditions that are already there. Its very important that all the planning is done before any work is started, we have the team and credentials to provide the best advice and options for your project